Supported Charities

Have a Charity Close To Your Heart?

Would you Like to Host A Charity Event At The Cottage FREE OF CHARGE!

If  You Can Think Of A Local Charity That Would Benefit From A FREE Venue For An Event Such As A Charity Auction Or Meal fundraiser GET IN TOUCH!

Below are some of the charities that we've worked with already.

Warrington Animal Welfare

Warrington Animal Welfare was founded to provide financial support for pet owners on low income or benefits to help them to pay to have their pets neutered, in a bid to reduce the amount of stray, abandoned and unwanted pets in Warrington.

Steve Prescott

The Steve Prescott Foundation was formed in August 2007. It was easy for Steve to decide which two charities he would raise money and awareness for, as they are both very close to his heart.
* The Christie:
* Try Assist:

Home Start Warrington

Home-Start Warrington works with children and young families in Warrington to be healthy, stay safe, be happy, make a positive contribution to society and achieve economic well-being.